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Stop Lawsuits, Garnishments, and Repossessions

Stop Wage Garnishments with Legal Help

People who are experiencing wage garnishments, or are faced with the prospect of having their employer become involved with the garnishment process, often need to act quickly to stop having 25% of their net take home taken out of each paycheck they receive.  Also, if your job entails security clearances, garnishments may negatively affect your employment, and/or clearance, so you need to act to restore your credit score and maintain your work clearances.  Attorney Ross Meiners has handled countless cases involving garnishment actions and security clearance issues.  Finding an attorney to advise you in debt resolutions should be the first step after receiving any sort of notice from a creditor.  With Attorney Ross Meiners’s help, you can stop the harassment, end creditor lawsuits and save assets and your income before they can be taken by your creditor(s).

Meiners Law Office, PLC of Tucson, Arizona focuses on assisting clients through bankruptcy and other debt solutions, helping you plan for the long-term and future financial health.  Whether you are in the middle of a financial crises, or foresee financial problems down the road, it is better to contact Meiners Law Office sooner rather than later.  You should seek advice at least as soon as you receive a complaint, summons, other court lawsuit paperwork, or Notice of Trustee Sale on your home.

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Sleep Better At Night, Not Worrying About Your Bills

There are many common reasons in which a person should contact a bankruptcy attorney, which include:

  • When you can’t sleep at night to to worry about financial problems or when your phone is ringing so much you can’t stand it.
  • When the stress of worrying about money is disrupting your day-to-day life or starting to consume your every thought.
  • When you have high interest debts, such as on credit cards, or on cars or pay day loans.
  • If you have tax problems.
  • If you find yourself falling further behind on your payments and can’t seem to gain any ground in paying them.
  • If you are being threatened with lawsuits or garnishment.
  • If you receive a Notice of Trustee Sale on your home and want to stop foreclosure.

Stopping Garnishments, Repossessions and Foreclosure

Seeking financial advice from an attorney is a key component to your protecting your financial future.  By filing bankruptcy with the help of a bankruptcy professional, you can stop lawsuits, garnishments, repossession, and foreclosure.  If you want legal help in ending these troubling actions, contact Meiners Law Office online or by calling 520-777-2198 to schedule a no-charge consultation.