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Are you struggling with your debt and worried about losing your most treasured and valuable possession-your house?  At Meiners Law Office, PLC in Tucson, Arizona, attorney Ross Meiners helps people explore their options for saving their homes from foreclosure.  If you’ve been late on your payments for months, or got involved with a mortagage modification that has left you in arrears with your mortgage lender, then saving your home from foreclosure with a tailored bankruptcy case can resolve your house problems.  Additional options such as second and third mortgage removal can make your home even more affordable, because your 2nd mortgage, sometimes also called a home equity line of credit (HELOC), won’t have to be made after you file your case should you qualify to remove the mortgage from your home.

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Stop Foreclosure

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the most practical option for saving your home if your debt has become overwhelming.  A Chapter 13 filing stops foreclosure proceedings.  Additionally, your late payments can be resolved over time, eliminating your foreclosure risk.

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot technically save your home from foreclosure, it can extend the time you are able to stay in your home without making payment on it on average an additional six months.  Some clients see extensions up to a year or longer.  However, you must file your case before the trustee sale date.

Filing bankruptcy also eliminates a deficiency balance or liability you may face from the mortgage lender after the foreclosure completes.  This prevents the lender from collecting on your or suing you in civil court for a judgment.

Committed to Helping You Save Your Home

Facing the prospect of losing your home is very troubling.  When looking for ways to stop the foreclosure process, you want honest, competent answers from a  compassionate and supportive bankruptcy attorney.  Ross Meiners is just that, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who is committed to providing you with assurance and personal attention.  He will answer your phone calls and question about stopping foreclosure.  You will get valuable information so you are able to make sound decisions about your home and your future.

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