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Get Rid of Your Tax Debts

Generally, you can wipe out (discharge) unpaid income taxes owed to the IRS or a state taxing agency, like the Arizona Department of Revenue, if the taxes are over three years old.  You don’t have to repay the IRS or the state agency anything.  But filing a late return, filing an extension, not filing a return, and other situations will affect that three year discharge timeline.

Currently, 2016 and older tax years are dischargeable if they were timely filed before the April 2017 tax filing deadline.

Attorney Meiners has expertise in eliminating taxes.  He can determine exactly what can be discharged when using a combination of techniques.  Don’t put your tax problems in the hands of just anyone, as tax dischargeability cases can be quite technical and often come down to discharge filing deadlines that are unexpected.  Occasionally the IRS’s computer systems have incorrect date entered about you, and Attorney Meiners’ staff can get those problems fixed so that your taxes get discharged.  He has the experience and know-how to get your tax problems resolved completely with both the IRS and state tax agencies.  He deals with tax liens as well, and other tax filing problems.

Meiners Law Office, PLC offers clients an initial consultation free of charge to discuss the details of your tax and debt situation.  To schedule an appointment, call the office at 520-777-2198, or contact us online.